Driving in extreme conditions while maintaining full control of the car’s stability is a fundamental requirement in terms of safety. BMW, always attentive to all the details of its cars, always aims to guarantee cars with excellent performance in every respect: every car created by the Bavarian house is a guarantee of incredible driving performance, comfort and maximum safety. And, to always guarantee high performance in its cars, BMW entrusts the task of BMW maintenance and servicing in Rome , Star Tire Replacement in Rome , bodywork and much more to only a few authorized centers , highly trained and updated directly by the Bavarian house.

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Now let’s find out, in detail, what the DTC present in BMW cars is, how it works and what are all the advantages.

DTC: overview

BMW DTC stands for Dynamic Traction Control .

Activating this function is really simple: in fact, simply touch the DTC key on the control console.

A command that perfects the driving style, especially when traveling on snowy or slippery roads : the BMW x1 DTC, in this situation, is in fact perfect.

Thanks to this command, the car’s traction is increased and, consequently, the control the driver has over the car is greater. Specifically, on DTC cars, having this option significantly helps to avoid accidents, especially when driving on roads that are not well known and present some inconveniences.


Generally, the BMW DTC is accompanied by DSC ( Dynamic Stability Control ).

This means that, if you want to drive in dynamic and sporty mode, activating the system improves the traction and, at the same time, the stability of the car during movement.

In fact, on the types of cars in which it is possible to activate this precious command, the driving force, as well as the percentage of skidding of the vehicle, are strictly controlled: therefore, an increase in overall stabilization follows.

BMW DTC: Operation

In cars with DTC the sensors are placed directly on the wheels : in this way, the speed specifications during movement are given directly to the control unit.

Therefore, when a wheel (for example, on the BMW X1 DTC, crossover-SUV model) tends to turn more than the others, the system interprets it as a slip: the control unit will automatically slow down, or reduce traction.

When your BMW’s DTC system is needed
Controlling traction is of great use in sporty driving.

Despite this, in normal situations, having the BMW DTC button is still useful, since it intervenes exclusively on the overall dynamism of the car.

The DTC key works in two ways:

By pressing the button only once, the control system is activated and, at the same time, the DSC function is also activated.
By keeping a longer pressure, both systems are switched off completely: the message system deactivated appears on the dashboard
In the event that the error warning appears on the dashboard, despite the activation / deactivation of the system, it is necessary to understand if the problem lies in the transmission system, or in the unit that controls the DTC mechanism.

Therefore, contacting an authorized BMW workshop in Rome is really essential to understand the origin of the error and eliminate it in a decisive and flawless way.

In conclusion

The DTC system is a distinctive feature of BMW which enhances its mechanical / electronic quality typical of the same.

It should be noted that this type of dynamic traction control is an advantage not only in extreme conditions of sporty driving on the mountains but also in situations on the plains. Furthermore, it is always possible not to access control if you prefer a quiet drive and do not travel on roads with particular and specific conditions such as, for example, snow-covered mountain roads.