The Air Filter: What Is It For? When To Replace It?

An air filter is a part of the car that should be checked and replaced regularly. It will help keep your vehicle performing at its best and reduce the likelihood of something going wrong while you’re out on the road. Here we answer some top questions about air filters and why they’re essential.

The first thing to realise is that almost every engine has an air filter fitted as standard, usually found somewhere in or around the engine bay. The job of this filter is to remove harmful particles from inside the intake manifold before it enters your vehicle’s cylinders. A clean intake helps ensure that each cylinder has precisely the same amount of fuel for optimum performance, with no loss of power, making this component something that you can’t ignore.

common-air-filter-problems-thumbThe other important task for an air filter is to remove the moisture from the air before it gets into your engine. It can also remove salt particles if you are driving in areas where salted roads are familiar over the winter months. This means that an average car will only need its air filter changed somewhere between every 30,000 and 100,000 miles (48,200-160,000km), depending on how much water the car’s system has had to deal with. Replacing it too early can damage your car because there could be harmful contaminants in your vehicle’s intake manifold or cylinders.

If you have a newer vehicle, then they may recommend every 12 months or 12,000 miles (19,300km), but this is likely to be very dependent on the model you happen to own and how it’s been treated over its lifetime.

You can, of course, clean your air filter at home, or you can take advantage of one of the many professional valeting services that are available for this purpose. Professional car cleaners will not only replace your old filter with a new one, but they’ll also be able to check other essential areas of your vehicle that you may have missed. This means that when you’re out driving around, it could be worth taking the time to find a suitable service provider nearby who gives excellent value for money without compromising on qua. Whether there you want an all-inclusive full valet or replace your air filter.

It’s also worth pointing out that an air filter is not the same as a cabin filter, which helps remove allergens and harmful substances from inside your car’s interior. The difference between these components can sometimes be confusing for drivers who don’t know what to look for when they get their vehicle checked or serviced. Still, it’s usually easy enough to spot if you carry out some research beforehand. Some manufacturers will even use separate air filters for both the exterior of your vehicle and the interior. In contrast, others may use one component that does double duty in both locations (the same goes for fuel filters).

If you’re taking your car through a dealership, then it might be worth asking about an air filter replacement as soon as you’ve brought the vehicle under warranty, but if not, then you’ll need to look after this part yourself. It’s important to mention that a new filter should be well within the price range of most motorists and DIY enthusiasts out there, which means that a quick online search is usually all you need to find the best deals on offer from service providers near me today.

There are many benefits of changing or cleaning your air filter regularly. Replacing your filter will allow exhaust gases and harmful contaminants to pass safely through your engine – protecting your car from damage and saving money in repairs later on down the line. Replacing or cleaning an air filter is also an easy and inexpensive way to improve fuel efficiency, so it’s something worth considering if you want to make the switch from using petrol.

If your car seems sluggish or unresponsive when you hit the road, then there could be a problem with the air filter: either it needs changing or cleaning. It’s well worth checking this part regularly and replacing it if necessary. A new air filter can help increase power and fuel efficiency for older vehicles that aren’t running as efficiently anymore. In comparison, more recent cars equipped with separate cabin filters for both in-cabin and exterior use will need these components are done at least once per year (or every 12 months/12,000 miles). As long as you take care of the air filter in your vehicle, you should see a much smoother operation, better fuel economy and much less wear on all the moving parts of your engine.

Final Thoughts

An air filter is a vital part of the well-oiled machine that allows your engine to function, whether it’s an older vehicle or one of the many brand new modern models available. Many drivers are unaware of how frequently they should replace their air filters, but if you plan, then this won’t be an issue. However, if you do forget, it could be time to schedule some repairs – but hopefully not too soon after your last service! An air filter doesn’t have to cost much either way and can even be replaced by you at home with little effort. Don’t let poor performance get to you any longer – check out what deals are available today on car air filters near me. You’ll want to take care of this part as much as possible with the help of a new filter – it saves you money and your car from unnecessary wear and tears!

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